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We'll let you know if Starfield doesn't have 60 FPS, says Phil Spencer

Published: 07:52, 05 May 2023
Starfield may not be 60 FPS on Xbox Series X but at least we'll know about it in advance
Starfield may not be 60 FPS on Xbox Series X but at least we'll know about it in advance

Phil Spencer says Xbox and Bethesda will let the community know wether or not Starfield has 60 FPS mode on Xbox Series X|S consoles. 

Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer has confirmed that Xbox will be clear about Starfield's performance modes on Xbox Series consoles after the company failed to communicate Redfall's lack of 60 FPS mode just two weeks before the actual launch.

Spencer appeared on the latest episode of the KindaFunnyGames podcast, where he talked about all things Xbox and more. When the hosts asked him if players can expect clear communication from Xbox about Starfield's performance mode or lack of it, Spencer replied affirmatively. 

So if Starfield doesn't end up having a 60 FPS mode, which would not be that surprising to be honest, given that Bethesda Game Studios titles are not really known for their great performance, Microsoft will be clear in communication about that months before launch.

If you're wondering why Spencer even had to clarify this, well, it's all Redfall's fault, which was heavily advertised with 60 FPS trailers and gameplay but ended up having only 30 FPS on Xbox consoles. Obviously, this caused an uproar within the community, who expected the 60 FPS performance mode at launch. 

Moving forward, Microsoft will probably make sure that such a thing doesn't happen again and even if it does happen and certain first-party games are 30 FPS only, they will have to communicate that much earlier than they did with Redfall.

Bethesda Starfield gameplay deep dive is coming soon Starfield is one of the most anticipated Xbox games of all time so it's not surprising that players are eager to find out about the game's graphical modes on Series X|S consoles

If we had to guess, we'd say that Starfield will be a stable 30 FPS on Xbox Series X|S consoles, which isn't even that scary given that this is not a fast-paced game where a high frame rate would be a mandatory feature.

Starfield is more about exploring vast planets and while there will be plenty of shooting as you take on various factions and hostile alien life, it's certainly a much slower shooting experience than in let's say Doom , for example.

We'll see more of Starfield on June 11, 2023 at Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct. Xbox and Bethesda promise tons of gameplay and new details about this highly anticipated sci-fi RPG.


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