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We Need To Go Deeper - The Surge & Splurge Update

Published: 08:14, 12 July 2017
Deli Interactive
We Need to Go Deeper

Deli Interactive rolled out a new update for their action co-op sim We Need To Go Deeper. The update brings new fuel, a new enemy, various bug fixes and more. The game is currently in Steam's Early Access.

Deli Interactive's co-op sim We Need To Go Deeper's newest content update brings a new bite-sized submarine, new resources, native voice chat and more. The new submarine is named The Perle. The devs say it's best suited for smaller crews and the "first-timers". "The Perle comes equipped with upgraded shields and a harder-hitting EMP".

Native voice chat is another addition in this month's content update. The default button you want to press in order to "bark orders" is V. If you prefer the peace and quiet of the deep sea you can always mute this option "with the use of the Player Info Window (Tab by default)".

Deli Interactive We Need to Go Deeper We Need to Go Deeper

Next up, fuel. "The formerly electric vessels are now hybrids". The addition of fuel will allow for higher engine speeds and powerful EMP shots. Fuel is, however, a perishable resource so you'll want to use it wisely. When you run out of fuel you'll go back to pure electric power. This will limit your max get-away speed and render the EMPs "no longer operable". Your fuel tanks can be upgraded with  Fuel Canisters and Upgrades, and those can be found in caves.

A new enemy is also present. An ancient crocodile named The Purussaurus, and his teeth can cut straight through metal. The faster get-away speed will certainly come in handy here.

Deli Interactive We Need to Go Deeper We Need to Go Deeper

Also, there's a new special cave drop - The Battery. The Patch notes had this to say on the subject: "This strange-looking electric capsule doesn't behave like most Vessel Upgrades you're used to - this fella needs to be picked up and plugged into a Power Console! Once plugged in, The Battery will constantly provide an external source of power to the console it's attached to, until it runs out of juice".

Various bug fixes, and sounds have also been added with the new update. You can find out who the Player of the Month for July is, and read the full patch notes right . We Need To Go Deeper is currently in Steam's .

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