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Watch Dogs Legion screenshots have supposedly been leaked

Published: 10:34, 07 July 2020
Updated: 10:38, 07 July 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion
A big game of cat and mouse

With Watch Dogs Legion being delayed for the 2021 fiscal year, fans have been searching for any sort of information on the game, and they may have finally found what they've been looking for.

A post on Reddit appeared on July 7, 2020, claiming to have leaked images from Chinese media who had the opportunity to play it a few hours prior to the post.

The post gained traction quickly as many fans latched onto the idea of new information being presented so suddenly. Many expressed their excitement, or the lack of it, for the upcoming game.

Many came out commenting that the look of the game is not up to par for the promised next-gen release and criticized the lack of detail, while others defended the game claiming it is just a screenshot of an unreleased game, urging others to reserve judgement for the actual release and not give the game a bad name before the release.

The supposed leaked images show the menu screen and a list of operatives under which is a list of potential recruits. Presenting a possible insight into how the multiple controllable characters gameplay setup will look.

Each character shown possesses a set of special abilities which could mean that not only are the players going to control multiple characters but will have to specifically choose which characters to recruit for what purpose.

The mixed emotions of fans are really stirring up the community as the post gains more and more attention. ”Are these screenshots real?” “Is this really how the game will look?” and many other questions are being asked by the eager fans.

The legion is all around you The legion is all around you The legion is all around you

With this supposed leak, others like it might be on the way, revealing a lot more about the actual game and giving players a deeper insight into what the game might look like.

The fact is that the lack of information might be responsible for making the fans tenser and more judgemental than usual. This possible bit of information might have been what was needed to fan the flames in preparation for the expected release. 

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