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Ubisoft officially confirm Watch Dogs Legion, full reveal at E3

Published: 14:01, 05 June 2019
picture showing watch dogs legion logo on black background
Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft have officially confirmed Watch Dogs Legion after a leak revealed some new gameplay details and the name of the game. In a Twitter post, the publisher shared a small teaser with Legion logo, confirming full reveal on E3 2019.

Next Watch Dogs game has been a subject of many leaks and rumours over the last couple of months. From rumours about the setting for the new game to some reports about gameplay changes and new features, not a month could go by without at least one of these details surfacing on gaming forums and social media.

Well, that has, fortunately, come to an end, as Ubisoft officially confirmed the new game that will be titled Watch Dogs Legion and it's set for full reveal in just a few days on the world's biggest gaming expo - E3 2019.

On their official Twitter, Ubisoft shared a short teaser video featuring red Watch Dogs logo on black background with some static noise. The video description states "God Save the NPCs" and also confirms the E3 2019 reveal. 

As you may know, the latest report regarding new Watch Dogs came earlier this week, claiming that players will be able to play as any NPC in the world, which then doesn't make them NPCs but that's another story.

Also, God Save the Queen is the name of the official British national anthem, so that's almost a confirmation that Watch Dogs Legion will indeed be set in London, as early speculated and reported. 

Watch Dogs Legion is supposedly set in a near-future, dystopian version of London. It's a post-Brexit world in which society, politics and technology have changed and altered London's fortunes.

If earlier leaks are true, the game will de-emphasize action and gunplay in favour of melee combat and hacking. 

In other Ubisoft news, the publisher confirmed that their brand new IP named Roller Champions is set to be revealed at E3 2019, while Beyond Good and Evil 2 will skip the show so the devs can focus on the development of core gameplay elements. More on that .

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