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Ubisoft testing the waters with a possible new setting for the Watch Dogs franchise

Published: 13:43, 15 February 2017
Watch Dogs 2

Human Conditions DLC is coming soon and the new update is setting the stage for the new content

Update 1.11 brings 10GB worth of free items, locations, dances and emotes. More than a couple new map locations have been added to the world in anticipation of the events in the Human Conditions DLC. Twelve new clothing items have been added to different stores and there are 4 new DedSec clothing items as well. Wearing the fresh outfits makes Marcus bust out all kinds of dance moves.

Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs 2

Laughter and Mock emotes have been added as well, to fully convey the players feelings about Marcus's interpretation of the Carlton dance. The contain more information, but the detail that caught our eye the most is the new part of the ending scene - a phone call, or rather, its title: 51.462014, -0.112504. And these numbers may reveal the location of the next instalment in the franchise: Brixton, London.

Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs 2

The conversation did little in terms of confirming the move across the pond but the word "global" and "Europe" did pop out:

  • Man 1: How much of this is hyperbole? Has it really gone global?
  • Man 2: There are new DedSec cells popping up everywhere. The Middle East, South America, Europe. And not just them. We can't even keep up with all the new hacktivist groups.
  • Man 1: Alright. Make the call.
  • Man 2: You Sure?
  • Man 1: Do it.


The game's reddit page offers some theories:

A field trip is in the works:



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