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Watch Dogs 3 will be set in London according to latest report

Published: 11:58, 08 April 2019
Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft's hacking action adventure Watch Dogs 3 is definitely heading to London according to the latest report that confirms earlier leaks, suggesting the UK capital as the setting for Watch Dogs 3. Ubisoft are yet to confirm the info.

Watch Dogs 3's setting has been widely speculated and reported in the last few months. Of course, leaks and rumours are not always correct, but in Watch Dogs 3's case, almost every leak pointed at one particular location - London, the capital of the UK.

The latest report that confirms London as the next setting for Watch Dogs franchise is coming from Jason Schreier from Kotaku who is known for sharing exclusive details about yet unreleased titles.

Schreier's report was mainly focused on the latest easter egg in The Division 2, which suggested the setting of next Assassin's Creed game, but he also mentioned Watch Dogs 3 a couple of times.

He basically confirmed that Watch Dogs 3 is set in London and also mentioned the Watch Dogs 2 patch, which dropped a major hint that again, all but confirms Watch Dogs 3 London setting with secret coordinates, that were uncovered by YouTuber Frenzy.

Some leaks about Watch Dogs 3 and other Ubisoft games appeared on 4chan earlier this year. The leaker claimed that the next Watch Dogs will de-emphasize gunplay in favour of social stealth, hacking, melee and other non-violent options.

If this is the case, then it's possible we're getting even more RPG elements and skill trees, which is something that Ubisoft is pushing heavily in their other franchises like Assassin's Creed.

Speaking about Assassin's Creed, it looks like the Viking-themed setting could be true. In his report, Schreier mentioned that earlier rumours about Assassin's Creed set in Rome are wide off the mark and that Ubisoft are going with Vikings, boats and pirate raids in 2020. You can check more on the Viking story .

Ubisoft Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs 2

All in all, some pretty exciting news to everyone who is anticipating Watch Dogs 3 and new Assassin's Creed. Let's hope Ubisoft deliver once again as they did with the previous instalments in the series - Watch Dogs 2 and Odyssey.

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