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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut gets Switch announcement trailer

Published: 07:41, 11 July 2018
Brian Fargo
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, Nintendo Switch

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut is coming to Nintendo Switch and inXile Entertainment have rolled out an announcement trailer in that honor. The game doesn't have an exact release date, but it should come at some point during Fall 2018.

Brian Fargo Wasteland 2 Switch port back in December 2017 with the tweet on the picture above but now it's official. For those unacquainted, many consider Wasteland 2 the inheritor of post apocalyptic turn based tactics RPG that the original Wasteland lit but Fallout and Fallout 2 carried for many years.

The game originally launched in a flimsy, bugged and unstable version but inXile Entertainment kept working on the game until they eventually released the Director's Cut which addressed pretty much all the issues players had with the game. This is the version of Wasteland 2 Nintendo Switch players will have from get go.

Wasteland 2 doesn't have the polished looks of XCOM: Enemy Unknown or XCOM 2, as it takes place in a gritty, post apocalyptic USA. That doesn't excuse the game from certain shortcomings though, such as generic kick animations when using Brute Force to break open doors and passageways.

On the other hand, players are not going to purchase this game in order to stare at Brute Force animations, but it's worth noting they might find it annoying. On the other hand, Wasteland 2 has many features that will kept players invested for dozens of hours, which eventually earned the game critical acclaim.

It currently costs $24,99 / €24,99 / £23.79 on Steam, so it is to be expected that the Nintendo Store will at least match it. There are, of course, other editions such as Digital Deluxe and 30th Anniversary Bundle, but they don't offer any in-game incentives so your playthrough with a standard edition will not be hampered in any way.

inXile Entertainment Four Rangers are walking around in post apocalyptic Arizona Wasteland 2

Speaking of Wasteland's 30th anniversary, inXile Entertainment announced they will be launching a remaster of the game at some point in early 2019. It might just start up Nostalgia Truck's rusty old engine.

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