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Warlock Ashe sights will be fixed soon

Published: 13:15, 17 October 2019
Overwatch - Warlock Ashe
Overwatch - Warlock Ashe

Overwatch's latest Halloween skin lineup provided beautiful skins once again, one of which is Warlock Ashe. This skin proved to be problematic for the users due to difficulties while aiming down sights but Blizzard are working on a fix.

Ashe is one of the sharpshooters in Overwatch and for that, she needs the best possible UI and clarity while aiming down sights. The Warlock skin caused serious issues with that, however, since the sights proved to be too thick and opaque, limiting Ashe's vision and thus making it harder to hit the targets.

Players immediately took to forums to complain about the since the skin look attractive, many of them probably got it immediately and now they couldn't use it without gimping their own chances of winning a match. In other words, it's a skin they liked and spent money on but couldn't use.

It didn't take Blizzard long to pick up on the complaints and Jeff Kaplan responded in a separate thread on Reddit, saying the team is working on fixing the sights. He also posted a picture of the work in progress, which reveals Warlock Ashe's new sights are much better and target acquisition is easier.

Outlines when aiming down sights are generally thinner and more transparent as they now serve as a small ornament and provide clear view of the field in front of Ashe. You can check the picture below for comparison.

Blizzard Overwatch - Ashe sights comparison Overwatch - Ashe sights comparison

Anyway, players who purchased the skin will need to wait a little while longer until the hotfix comes in but the bright side is that they will not forever be at a disadvantage if they play with their prefered cosmetics.

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