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Warhammer Underworlds Online leaves early access today

Published: 23:01, 20 April 2020
Steel Sky Productions
Warhammer Underlords Online artwork showing several heroes
Warhammer Underlords Online

After a successful Early Access period on Steam, Steel Sky Production's card game Warhammer Underworlds Online is launching today on PC. The game offers six Warbands right now with more planned for a release via DLC at a later date.

The tabletop strategy game series set in the Warhammer universe - Warhammer Underworlds Online - has fully released out of Steam's Early Access and is now available to purchase on Valve's platform. 

Warhammer Underlords Online entered Steam Early Access earlier this year and after a successful period of testing, polishing and bug fixing, the game is now out in its full version. Players can choose from six Warbands, including the fan-favourite Skaven right now and in addition to this, the devs already have plans to add more Warbands in the near future via free and paid DLC.

On top of this, the full version also includes over forty new universal cards that have been introduced during the course of Early Access along with those that originally released.

The developers promise to continue releasing new universal card packs for free across the lifetime of the game. This way, they want to allow players to update and diversify their decks and ready themselves for ranked play. All players will receive continued, free universal cards at regular intervals while new Warband DLC expansions will be available for purchase for $6.99 in the upcoming months.

Last but not least, players can unlock awesome new fighter skins, titles and deck portraits with a Warband-specific progression system, which rewards you the more you play.

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