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Warframe: Fortuna sets a new record in concurrent players

Published: 10:41, 12 November 2018
Digital Extremes
Revenant, the latest warframe in Digital Extremes' Warframe

With the launch of Warframe's eagerly anticipated Venus-based expansion Fortuna, Digital Extremes have managed to hit a major milestone of 132,201 concurrent players, which is the highest figure the game has seen on Steam as of yet.

Of course, that still doesn't account for Warframe's fans who choose to bypass Steam and fire up the game from its own launcher. Add to that the numbers of Warframe's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans and we're likely looking at even more impressive numbers than we realise.

Granted, Fortuna still hasn't launched on consoles, because Digital Extremes are still working on it. Nevertheless, they did say it will follow the PC version soon and while larger scale updates usually take a bit longer, we're guessing that Fortuna is too exciting of a refresh to be dragged on into 2019.

In case you're a console user and thus aren't already prancing around the Orb Vallis, here's a quick recap - Warframe: Fortuna was announced on this year's TennoCon and focuses on the titular debt interment colony. Solaris United, the colony's natives, are working their body-augmented tails off to pay off the debt to Corpus.

Other than entrancing singing, Fortuna also brings a new traversal method dubbed K-Drives, which are hoverboards that let you do tricks while riding around. The colony itself presents a bunch of other opportunities, like kit guns, your modular patchworks of guns that can be tailored to suit your needs, whatever they may be at the moment.

Even the companions on Fortuna are made of stolen tech and are equally as modular as kit guns. Moreover, hunting in Orb Vallis, the land of gorgeous opposites, will no longer be about hunting but conversation, as players will be finding beasts to save, rather than kill.

Digital Extremes Picture of a Tenno meeting a Corpus person on promotional poster for Warframe Fortuna Warframe - Fortuna

Coinciding with Warframe's launch of Fortuna was the fans' appeal against time in Digital Extremes, hoping that their favourite developer doesn't fall to the practice that seems to be the industry's main talking point these days. Nevertheless, dedication is dedication - because we all lift together.

You can check out Warframe's Steam numbers .

Digital Extremes roll out four augment mods for Warframe

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Digital Extremes the developers of Warframe roll out four new augment mods for your warframes in Warframe. The four mods are Nidus, Harrow, Octavia and Ivara, these augment mods will focus specifically on boosting individual warframes.

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