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Viking City Builder announced by a solo developer

Published: 00:01, 19 September 2020
Viking City Builder
Viking City Builder

One developer's passion can go a long way and Viking City Builder is poised to be another piece of evidence to support that claim as the game seems to have more to it than the name suggests.

When someone mentions a successful solo project, most gamers these days will think of Stardew Valley as it proved to be an immensely fruitful effort of a single developer. Now, another game seems to have quite a bit of promise but it remains to be seen how successful it will turn out to be.

Roslagen, a one-man show, announced Viking City Builder which features exactly what the name suggests and then some. The game is set in the age of braided men with glorious beards and the players will need to build settlements in the areas they conquer.

It is you, the player, who oversees and controls units in order to build these settlements which will be made of homes, longhouses, boating houses, ritual houses and various other constructions from the same era.

Another interesting bit is that the game will apparently feature raytracing, which is showcased in some screenshots and the trailer itself. However, raytracing may not be the most impressive feature, despite the game being made by a single dev.

Many gamers prefer quality and varied gameplay over getting pretty games to look prettier. This is where the RTS elements come in. The game might be a city builder but it features some classic RTS gameplay mechanics so it's not all just about building a settlement.

If you head over to the Viking City Builder Steam page , there are showcases of combat where the player is attempting to defend their settlement from the Europeans who want to reclaim their lands.

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