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Valve working on Steam's loyalty rewards system, user review reactions

Published: 20:48, 11 May 2020
Gabe Newell photoshopped on the statue of lady Justice
Steam, GabeN's justice is neither blind nor slow!

It looks like Valve are preparing a special treat for Steam users, especially those who are religiously loyal to the platform, as data mining uncovered a loyalty reward system.

The news comes from SteamDB developer and data miner Pavel Djundik, who dug it up and posted on Twitter.

According to his findings, Valve are working on a point-based system for loyalty rewards. There's also a system for adding reactions to user reviews, expanding on Steam's current system. 

Additionally, he claims to have found proof of reward items, redeeming points for badge levels, and even the possibility of game discounts. 

The image you see below could be the aforementioned reactions, as it specifies images for reviews that are hilarious, helpful, heartwarming and so on.

Valve are yet to confirm anything, but there's no doubt they look like an enticing prospect. Filtering specific types of reviews would greatly facilitate game purchase decisions, so both parties technically win.

Same goes for the rest of the aforementioned features - if indeed true, we're looking at proper quality-of-life improvements. 

As the whole Epic Games Store ruckus showed, many of Steam's users are a very loyal bunch, which would follow GabeN into hell or high water. 

Granted, their loyalty didn't really win them much, but if Valve pull this off - Steam's most faithful will actually have practical reasons to stick with the house of Half-Life. 

It's well worth saying that Djundik's data mining has been on point recently, as he correctly predicted Yakuza: Like a Dragon coming to Steam, which lends the story even more credibility.

Valve are likely to make some sort of announcement sooner rather than later, as it's quite a big deal for many.

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