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Valve teasing Index, their VR headset launch for May of 2019

Published: 21:33, 30 March 2019
Image showing Valve Index VR headset
Valve Index

It seems it's finally time for Valve to deliver the long rumoured VR headset, although the company aren't exactly spoiling us with details. As usual, if we may add. We do know that it's called Valve Index and that it's coming in May 2019.

Mind you, when it comes to Valve's VR aspirations, we were running on rumours and indications for so long that the announcement is still great, it's just that a bit more info wouldn't have hurt.

What we do know from the rumours is that that Valve Index boasts a 135-degree field of vision, which beats the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive right out of the box.

At the beginning of March 2019, we learned that Valve laid off 13 and some contractors, many of them from the VR department.

We suspected at the time this has to do with Valve completing the development cycle and getting ready to ship the devices, and it's turned out to be exactly that.

Moreover, Gabe Newell himself confirmed recently that Valve are not quitting on their VR games. He said that he passes a lot of time playing unannounced Valve games and confirmed that the three VR titles are .

We're yet to learn of Valve Index's pricing, although it won't be lacking competition this year. If you've been following the VR market lately, you probably know that Oculus have announced , which will be replacing Rift as their flagship product.

We don't have Rift S' FOV figures at the moment, as Oculus are basing their measurements differently lately, but it's said it should be higher than the original headset. Ultimately though, these fights are likely to go down to the pricing difference, which in Valve's case we're yet to learn.

Valve Two Valve's Knuckles EV3 controllers Valve, Knuckles EV3

Valve recently released some Steam figures, showing that the VR userbase has doubled on the platform. Currently standing at 720,000 users, GabeN and Co will be hoping Valve Index can do its part in tipping this number over one million.

Now that would be a fitting milestone. You can check out Valve's tease .

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