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Steam Deck release date finally revealed

Published: 02:15, 27 January 2022
Steam Deck
Steam Deck

Valve finally revealed the release date for Steam Deck, which is coming in less than a month now, along with details necessary for the reservation holders.

Steam Deck is releasing on February 25, when reservation holders will start getting emails about their purchase.

Preordering is generally a dumb thing in the modern-day because people keep preordering digital content - the type of content that is virtually limitless. Therefore, the stock won't go out before you get to buy your own copy. 

With hardware, however, it's a different story and preorders are more than justified, especially when people keep swiping all the goodies before you can even buy them. Just ask anyone who didn't manage to get their RTX GPU.

One could easily argue this could be the case with Steam Deck as well so it's wise to check your email on February 25 because Vale will wait 72 hours to make the purchase if you were selected in the initial batch. Should you fail to make the purchase within three days, the reservation will be forfeited to the next person in the queue.

February 28 will mark the first day of shipping to the buyers, after which the waves of emails will happen on a weekly cadence.

Furthermore, Valve is already shipping review Decks to the press and the embargo on this coverage is lifting on February 25, 2022. 

Valve Steam Deck Scalpers are asking for too much money Steam Deck

This date is also worth marking because it will start the tide of impressions and review content that should give you a better idea about Steam Deck and whether you want to buy it.


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