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Valve puts a lid on Steam account region switching

Published: 08:47, 24 June 2021
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Account region switching is now a thing of the past. Valve is cracking down on the deal-seeking players by limiting the number of times they can change their account-associated region.

Valve has recently added a limit to how many times Steam users can switch the region their account is associated with. 

The players have been doing this to reduce the prices of the games they are shipping for by switching their account-associated country to another where their desired game goes for less.

According to SteamDB , this system is now a thing of the past. The Steam and Valve tracker tweeted:

"In a further crack down on people buying games in cheaper regions, Valve added a limit on how often you can change your Steam account's country. Country may not be updated more than once every 3 months. Purchases can be completed using a payment method from your current region."

Many users looking for a better deal on some virtual entertainment have been resorting to using VPNs or simply changing their account region to score games at the prices they're going for in other countries.

The method looks to be a thing of the past so we can give you an example of how one would go about this business: Steam titles usually cost less in South American countries so the players looking for a bargain would turn on their VPN or change the Steam account region to Argentina, and score a game for less than what they'd pay for it in Europe or Australia.

Valve has been fighting this exploit for some time now, employing "geo-blocking" practices that didn't go down well with the European Commission, which believes such practices breach EU antitrust rules. 

Valve is now in the company of six other video game publishers who've so far been fined €7.8 million over the subject.

Sources: SteamDB and GamesIndustry .

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