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Valve reveals dates for the rest of Steam sales in 2021

Published: 20:26, 26 October 2021
Updated: 20:27, 26 October 2021
Steam Sale - Bless you

Steam sales are a pretty big deal, pun intended, and while we had an idea when they might happen months in advance, Valve just confirmed the dates for all of them in 2021.

Steam sale dates are good to have ahead of time in order to plan your budget spending and give your wallet a chance of surviving the ordeal. That said, there is no telling what the deals will be liked and how tempted you will be to spend a ton of money on impulse but then again, it's always a good thing to save up a bit or have at least a semblance of a plan for not going broke over the course of a few days.

Anyway, planning for the rest of Steam sales in 2021 just got a lot easier as Valve confirmed all the upcoming event dates on their platform, including:

  • Steam Halloween Sale - October 28 to November 1, 2021
  • Steam Autumn Sale -  November 24 to 30, 2021
  • Steam Winter Sale -  December 22, 2021, to January 5, 2022

Overall, there are three sales waiting for us in the span of the next two months but they are spread nicely over three paychecks since the Winter Sale dips into 2022, unless the holiday season is messing with your salary dates.

These dates were technically known for a while now but it's nice to have official confirmatio n in order to not to raise hopes over nothing.

YouTube Brace your wallets, the Halloween sale is just days away Brace your wallets, the Halloween sale is just days away

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