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Valve is urging users not to trade with the gambling sites

Published: 13:37, 30 January 2017
Team Fortress 2

Last July, Valve began blocking the CSGO gambling accounts, after making their position on gambling websites clear

Recently, some gambling websites have begun using Team Fortress 2 items as bargaining chips, prompting Valve to start blocking TF2 gambling accounts as well.

Valve released this statement on the :

Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2

"In July of last year we outlined our position on gambling web sites, specifically noting that Valve has no business relationship with these sites. At that time we also began blocking many CSGO gambling accounts.

More recently, some gambling web sites started leveraging TF2 items. Today we began the process of blocking TF2 gambling accounts as well. We recommend you don’t trade with these sites."


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