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Valve announces Steam JRPG Sale in March 2022

Published: 09:57, 24 February 2022
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Steam Illustration by AltChar

Valve announced a new type of sale for Steam, one that will solely focus on one genre of the games.

Valve came out with a brief announcement about an upcoming Steam sale. This time around, it will be a Steam JRPG Sale that is going to be open only to the games built around the JRPG style and mechanics of gameplay.

The genre was never too strictly defined and this resulted in a variety that is wider than in other genres you might be used to but it boils down to exploration and turn-based battles. If you need a reference, think the classic Final Fantasy or Pokemon games.  Final Fantasy VI is a great example. Alternatively, you set the JRPG filter on in Steam settings and you can get a fairly good overview of what kind of games this encompasses.

Anyway, it will be these games that are going to be the topic of a week-long sale that will last from March 14, 2022, at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM UTC / 7:00 PM CET to the same time on March 21.

Discounts can be entered at any point before the sale commences and given the deep pool of games available via Steam, we are probably looking at another chunky sale with titles that should have something appealing for just about anyone.

Valve also provided a link where one can register their participation by simply entering a discount.

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