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Battlerite kicks off its first eSports event this weekend

Published: 20:19, 27 April 2018
Stunlock Studios
Freya, Ashka and Bakko in an arena

Stunlock Studios' hero brawler is ready to enter the realm of eSports, as they have announced a Pro League is due this weekend. This inaugural event will hopefully propel the game's popularity which it seems to have troubles keeping afloat.

Stunlock Studios have announced their first eSports related event regarding Battlerite. The event will begin on 28 April 2018 and will last for two days. In those two days, teams from Europe, North America and South America will compete for a piece of the prize pool which totals $80,000.

Teams could submit their applications to join the championship until 12 April 2018. Today Stunlock revealed via newsletter e-mails and their official Twitter page which teams will be competing against each other. In total there are 25 teams in the competition, with eight being from North America, nine from Europe and another eight from South America.

On Saturday, the North American teams will begin what appears to be the first round of the championship. Following that, on Sunday the European teams will battle it out and the South American competitors will close off the first part of the event. Korean teams were supposed to be in the championship but either none applied or Stunlock decided to leave that event for a later date.

Battlerite is an online skill-centric hero brawler game. What the game prides itself on is circumventing the balance issues a lot of MOBAs and MMOs usually have by removing any form of items or unlockable content which improves character stats. Instead, skillshots are the main focus of gameplay as each hero is essentially equal with differing playstyles.

Stunlock Studios previously made the Bloodline Champions game, which featured gameplay much alike Battlerite. Gameplay isn't the only thing these two games have in common, as some heroes from the previous one have been refurbished and added to Battlerite.

Stunlock Studios Poloma fighting Sirius and Jade Battlerite - Gameplay footage

The team are constantly updating the game, but its popularity hasn't been exactly increasing in the past few months. Hopefully thanks to this event, the free to play game might gain some traction audience-wise. Prediction voting for which teams will win the event is live on site.

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