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UPDATE: Fortnite servers down for patch v3.1.0, patch notes incoming

Published: 10:53, 01 March 2018
Updated: 11:24, 01 March 2018
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Fortnite: Twitch Prime Pack

Epic's battalion of Fortnite developers has just taken down game servers in order to apply patch v.3.1.0, which should bring plenty new improvements, as usual. Until then, picture that drop in your mind.

UPDATE: Epic has rolled out a new point of interest on the Southern edge of the island, called "the Lucky Landing". 

Epic Games An animated town in a crimson sunset with wild growth aplenty Fortnite: Battle Royale, new point of interest on the Southern edge of the island

The hunting rifle - voila. Epic says it's effective from medium to long range, but it will only hold one round. It will come in Uncommon and Rare variants and will be found in treasure chests and floor loot.

Epic Games A large animated hunting rifle with a thick barrel Fortnite: Battle Royale's new Hunting Rifle

There are some minor bug fixes, adjustments in drop rates and Loot adjustments, most notably in Snobby Shores, Industrial Plot and Tilted Towers.

The three locations had a total of 25 loot spawn locations and 11 chests removed between them, with the Shores taking the most hit with 13 less floor loot spawns.

ORIGINAL: Epic announced the news mere minutes ago but we couldn't hold our excitement. Namely, the new patch , not yet at least, but we're looking at getting a hunting rifle, which is a no-scoped long rage weapon for noscope pros.

We're not sure at the moment how exactly the jet pack will be implemented, i.e. does it have infinite fuel? Is it a jump pad? Can it be refilled? Well, maybe not at this patch, but we should know soon enough.

The Fortnite team has already rolled out the Twitch Prime Pack for Amazon Prime users. It contains two outfits, one glider, four Twitch chat emotes and two Save the World heroes.

Epic says the Twitch Prime Pack contains a Havoc Outfit with Back Bling, Sub Commander Outfit with Slipstream Glider and Save the World heroes Havoc and Sub Commando. Some users have had trouble picking it up though, prompting the developers to post the following image, in order to ensure a smooth loot grab for Fortnite fans.

Epic A chart explaining the process of linking Fortnite and Twitch apps Fortnite: Twitch Prime Loot

Fortnite Battle Royale has been updated more times than Windows Vista and it's still classified as early access. In fact, the latest updates on building and our new favourite - the hand cannon, have already made the game an even bigger blast. With the trend the devs have set, we honestly can't wait for the update to land.

You may want to stay tuned because Fortnite will be getting v.3.1.0 patch notes seriously soon, like in matter of hours.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 has finally arrived

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