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Untitled Goose Game sold over one million copies

Published: 11:24, 31 December 2019
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Untitled Goose Game

Goat Simulator was one thing but Untitled Goose Game provides players with a unique opportunity to bully the NPCs and gamers have taken a liking to this ability. In fact, it took only three months to sell over one million copies.

With Epic Games usually making the news for purchasing high profile exclusives like Borderlands 3 or Metro Exodus, it was somewhat unexpected to see one of the exclusives with high sales was actually an indie title.

Untitled Goose Game released on 20 September 2019 on PC and Nintendo Switch, although it is exclusive to EGS for the former platform. It wasn't available on any other store or platform until 17 December 2019 when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions were released. Just a few days later, the game hit .

Given the short period between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases and the milestone itself, it is safe to assume that the majority of the copies sold were on PC and Switch up until that point. Then again, it is highly possible a surge in sales happened after it was made available to Microsoft and Sony's consoles.

Regardless of the sales spread, it is heartwarming to see an indie success of these proportions. All it took was to appeal to people's desire to be jerks and everyone came aboard. 

If you are not acquainted with the game, it is literally what you are supposed to do - be a jerk. Untitled Goose Game is set in an idyllic English village where everyone is minding their own business except for you, the horrible goose. Your job is to make everyone's day worse.

Panic Goose, protagonist of Untitled Goose Game, causing ruckus Untitled Goose Game

Considering the game's art style, it is not particularly surprising that the system requirements are next to none, which makes it highly appealing to just about everyone with any sort of device that can run it.

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