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UK wins PUBG nations cup in a somewhat narrow race

Published: 11:15, 21 June 2022
PUBG Nations Cup 2022
PUBG Nations Cup 2022

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 has concluded and the audience that was finally back had quite the event to witness as the top teams were neck and neck until the end.

Team United Kingdom won the PNC 2022, wrapping the tournament up ahead of 15 other teams. The scoring was done with the usual rules - placement points were combined with eliminations to determine the winners.

Alex "vard" Gouge, Christopher "Fexx" Wheddon, Luke "TeaBone" Crafer and Michael "mykLe" Wake eventually scored 203 points which, at first glance, looked like dominant performance since the second and third place teams, Vietnam and Brazil, scored only 177. Team UK, however, secured that first spot thanks to their aggressive gameplay as they truly dominated when it comes to eliminations.

Namely, Vietnam scored 78 placement points while UK had 77. Therefore, the chunky difference was made by the latter's eliminations rather than tactical play that would see them running away with chicken dinner all the time. Similarly, Brazil almost took the second spot thanks to elimination score but they came up slightly short and Vietnam took the runner-up position after they were tied at 177 but the Asian team had more placement points.

The winning team took home $100,000 while Vietnam scored $58,000 and Brazil grabbed $54,000.

As far as other European teams go, Finland ended up in fifth place, Turkey in 14th and Germany in 16th.

Team US ended up in what is probably a disappointing #9. You can check all the results on Liquipedia.

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