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Ubisoft's Elite Squad is shutting down

Published: 22:40, 21 July 2021
Elite Squad
Elite Squad

Mashing up characters from various games didn't work out for Ubisoft's mobile endeavours and Elite Squad is on its way out of the building.

Elite Squad is a Ubisoftverse mashup with characters from The Division , Ghost Recon and more teaming up to make some extremely strange bedfellows. That premise is usually odd enough to pique one's interest but then you have to keep said interest intact.

It appears Ubisoft didn't manage this as they announced the July 21, 2021, update would be the game's last and the servers would shut down on October 4, 2021. 

That will be exactly one year after the game was released and while the announcement didn't have a reason listed, it usually comes down to low engagement rate and revenue metrics. Considering the blog post mentioned the game is no longer sustainable lends credence to these assumptions as it basically means the same thing.

Ubisoft also announced another mashup, xDefiant, just a few days ago and seeing how the last one fared, some people have to be getting worried about their project right now. This is especially obvious if you take a look at the like to dislike ratio on the announcement trailer, with only ~40 per cent of people actually liking what they saw.

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