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Two Point Campus leaked on Microsoft Store

Published: 20:41, 31 May 2021
Two Point Studios
Two Point studios are taking us back to school
Two Point Studios are taking us back to school

In recent times it would appear that to announce a game, it's easier to have a seller accidentally offer it to customers, long before time, rather than invest in classic marketing. This is also the case with Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Studios have, until now, left us in charge of hospitals and their inhabitants. From staff, doctors, and nurses, all the way to patients. Our job was to design them in such a way that their workflow is optimized, and sustainable.

We've had to battle various problems, economic and geographical in nature, with different weather zones and landscapes the hospitals are placed in. Well, Microsoft Store have, on their website, given the option to buy a game called Two Point Campus.

Listed as the publisher are SEGA Games Ltd, with a background of a quite recognizable style. Under the redeem code option, the game was listed as not yet available.     

The game description offers us some clues as to what we can expect. Players are placed in charge of a college campus, as indicated by the name. However, this is no ordinary campus, as students have a variety of problems that need to be solved, and peculiar courses to attend, such as jousting and gastronomy. Adding to the fact that college-aged adults are in a formative life period, room allocation will be key in their nourishment, and your school's success. The game looks to be planned for PC and Xbox.

Microsoft Microsoft webpage with Two Point Campus' details Microsoft webpage with Two Point Campus' details

The webpage has, since, stopped being available, hinting at the fact that we were not supposed to be able to see this game or know of its existence just yet.

All in all, Two Point seem to go for their tried and true method of Hospitals, in developing this game, adding the twist that comes with a different setting. For all of us that have spent any amount of time in a student home, or on campus, complaining about one thing or another, this game is a perfect opportunity to see if we can make a better environment.

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