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Twitch adding 2-step verification after the Artifact debacle

Published: 11:48, 31 May 2019
Picture of some heroes in Artifact

You probably heard that Artifact, that Valve game barely anyone seems to remember these days, shot up in popularity on Twitch, after a bunch of troll accounts streamed all sorts of content. In response, Twitch is adding 2-step verification.

Artifact strolled to the first page, which is obviously not the place it normally occupies, and it was soon clear that the viewers weren't there for card games. 

Apparently, the trolls played all sorts of material, ranging from porn to mutilations and even the New Zealand shooting. 

Unfortunately, the timing was pretty awkward and everything took place over the weekend, and it wasn't until Monday that it eventually caught the attention of Twitch's moderators.

"Over the weekend we became aware of a number of accounts targeting the "Artifact" game directory to share content that grossly violates our terms of service. Our investigations uncovered that the majority of accounts that shared and viewed the content were automated", they wrote.

Twitch ended up suspending new creators from streaming on Twitch, they've since established 2-step verification and resumed normal service.

"We take what happened very seriously and are making additional changes to prevent this kind of coordinated activity on our service in the future. Thank you all for your patience", they said.

As you'd expect, once the new measures took hold, Artifact's minutes of fame were up, or down depending on how you want to look at it, as Valve's card trading game slid back to where it usually resides.

That being said, as welcome as 2-step verification may be, that doesn't seem to be the end of Twitch's woes, because there are still some feeds that are broadcasting content completely unrelated to gaming.

Whether this means that 2-step verification is helpless or that Twitch need more time to establish normal services is uncertain, but we can only hope it's the former.

Valve Playing table in Artifact, the Dota 2 trading card game Artifact, the Dota 2 trading card game

You can find Twitch's tweet where they announce 2-step verification . If you're uncertain how to set up 2-step verification, you can learn how to do that .

Artifact, Dota 2 trading card game by Valve and Richard Garfield

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