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Tuning orb crafting will become easier in New World

Published: 00:42, 04 November 2021
New World - Mining an iron vein
New World - Mining an iron vein

Tuning orbs will become less of a nuisance in New World as Amazon Game Studios announced future improvements to the system.

Expeditions in New World are important content that allows you to either move up the experience quicker or have a better chance of improving your watermark, depending on what level you are.

However, all the dungeons require a key of their own and only a handful can be obtained through quests while the rest have to be crafted. This doesn't sound too terrible in a game that's all about crafting but the tedious rate at which we can obtain the materials is pretty horrendous.

While the devs were  explaining the watermark system to the players, they briefly touched on this topic and since the paragraph is hidden behind a wall of text, it's possible you missed this quite crucial information.

AGS noted they are currently in the process of adjusting Expedition Tuning Orb crafting requirements as players keep voicing their distaste with the current rate at which they can be obtained. It's safe to assume the required amount of items dropping in corruption portal clears will be decreased or perhaps even removed.

Whatever the case turns out to be, it will be a welcome change since the grind required for keys is currently just too much. You can expect the change to drop at some point during November 2021 but there is currently no exact release date for this patch.

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