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Total War Three Kingdoms has been delayed once again

Published: 16:43, 11 February 2019
Creative Assembly
Two men in Chines imperial clothing from Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly have delayed the upcoming Total War Three Kingdoms to late May 2019 it's confirmed in the development update posted on Total War website. Apparently, the developers need more time to deliver a proper Total War experience.

The thirteenth instalment in the iconic turn-based strategy series, Total War: Three Kingdoms, won't be coming on 7 March 2019 as previously expected. Instead, the developers decided to push the game to 27 May 2019.

Creative Assembly announced the change in the latest development update on Total War blog. The update states that Total War: Three Kingdoms will feature some "revolutionary features" and "a new level of complexity".

And in order to make these work properly, the developers need more time to ensure these systems are "deliver as intended" and give players a Total War experience they deserve.

This basically means that Creative Assembly need more time to polish the game, fix bugs and get the localisation right. Hopefully, they also work on battles, which are the main concern for many Total War fans on YouTube and Reddit.

The development update also includes a couple of frequently asked questions in which the developers clarified that this delay won't affect the upcoming Warhammer II DLC. For those unfamiliar with it, Creative Assembly previously confirmed that they are working on Skaven DLC that is planned for release after Three Kingdoms. 

Skaven DLC is still scheduled to release after Three Kingdoms, which makes the whole release date timeframe a bit odd, unless, Creative Assembly originally planned to release the DLC in June or even later.

Creative Assembly picture showing class in total war Total War: Three Kingdoms

CA also explained what "polishing" exactly means. According to the developer, the extra time will be helpful to make specific battle animations behave well and sport smooth transitions, as well as ensure that the lighting is well balanced across different types of weather and environment variables.

The team will also look at the whole game again to see what features can get further improvements.

While delays are not something that players take lightly, it's always good to see the developers take more time with the game rather than rush it out, in an almost unplayable state. Hopefully, Creative Assembly make the best use of the bonus weeks.

Total War Three Kingdoms, an iconic strategy by Creative Assembly

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Total War: Three Kingdoms

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