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Total War: Arena developer diary reveals where the game is

Published: 12:34, 30 January 2017
Updated: 13:08, 30 January 2017
Creative Assembly
Total War: Arena

Having had the guts to take their game offline for a time, Creative Assembly have now released the first dev diary for Total War: Arena which gives more details about where the title is heading.

The Creative Assembly have revealed a number of interesting developments in the new dev diary for Total War: Arena.

As a 10vs10 RTS game, Total War: Arena should already be occupying a pretty exclusive place in the gaming universe. However, its initial alpha launch experienced so many difficulties that the brave decision was made to take it down and fix the things that needed to be fixed. 

Total War: Arena - Closed alpha footage Total War: Arena - Closed alpha footage

Now, Creative Assembly have announced a closed alpha - initially for European and CIS players - to test out the improvements they've made and get a dialogue going with those who really want the title to work.

They've also partnered up with Wargaming to assist them in the development of the game, as they felt a company with extensive experience of the Free to Play market was required to be on board.

Total War: Arena - Terrain Total War: Arena - Terrain

That will be controversial with some - Wargaming is seen as a business that's pretty smart about maximising revenue. However, we all know there's no such thing as Free to Play really - every gaming company has to make money, or it won't be around long.

Also, Wargaming has never crossed the line into Pay to Win - yet. So Total War: Arena should benefit from their expertise. 

Total War: Arena Total War: Arena

Meanwhile, we at Altchar are working on a distillery to bottle the tears of the gaming world's whiners. We think it'll be a bitter tasting beverage.

Watch the dev diary to find out where Creative Assembly are taking Total War: Arena. It sounds good to us.

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