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Titanfall 2 is undergoing playerbase resurgence

Published: 19:35, 07 December 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of a pilot and a titan in a Titanfall 2 sunset
Titanfall 2

Sony made a great move when they added Titanfall 2 to the latest PS Plus lineup, allowing new players to walk into the game. In a rather happy turn of events, it wasn't a handful of players walking in but rather a whole stampede that skyrocketed the concurrent player counts.

Titanfall 2 keeps getting praise from its players, years after the game was released, but it never became a blockbuster along the lines of Call of Duty for some reason. It remained the video game equivalent of that helpful guy from the accounting that makes your day but no one can even be bothered to remember his name.

While EA murdered the game's chances to flourish by stuffing its release between those of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, those people that bought and played Titanfall 2 kept its positive sides from falling into oblivion by the word of mouth. It all sounded good, except those hearing the praises weren't willing to commit funds to what might be a dead game by the time they started playing.

Sony made a brilliant move with December 2019's PS Plus lineup though as they included Titanfall 2, which sparked hype all over gaming forums with veterans calling for fresh blood and giving them pointers on how to acclimatise. 

It seems like these efforts, coupled with getting a great game for no extra cost, worked some magic and PlayStation 4's Titanfall 2 concurrent player count went from measly 1,500 player average to just under logged in at the same time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to discern how many of them were playing the campaign and how many were actually in multiplayer but seeing such an influx of players for a game as underrated as Titanfall 2 is always heartwarming. Now it looks like Zampella's crew are carrying the weight of whole EA, doesn't it?

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