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Through the Darkest of Times trailer teases gorgeous art style

Published: 12:34, 30 October 2018
Hand drawn crowd staring at the player in Through the Darkest of Times
Through the Darkest of Times

HandyGames have rolled out a cinematic trailer for their upcoming adventure Through the Darkest of Times, which teases a disturbing World War II story along with some superb art style that's already done well to differentiate the game.

Through the Darkest of Times is set in the period from 1933 and Adolf Hitler's rise to power all the way to the end of World War II in 1945. Players will be assuming the role of a resistance group in Third Reich Berlin, planning moves, gathering resources, balancing morale and so on, all the while trying to escape Gestapo's clutches.

All the members of your in-game resistance group are procedurally generated and their "different personalities, abilities and views" ensure that each playthrough is unique to your game. Ultimately though, Through the Darkest of Times will leave the burden of decision making on the player, which will get more difficult as the game progresses and in-game events unfold.

As HandyGames explained on their website, the period is indeed historically notable for being the darkest one in Germany's history. "While there were millions cheering for the Nazis, there were also a few people who felt the need to resist this monstrosity", which is exactly the premise that Through the Darkest of Times has been built around.

HandyGames also stressed the importance of a game like Through the Darkest of Times being developed in Germany. "It’s not about teaching a lesson about the Third Reich like a serious game – it puts the player in the dire situation of these dark days. We are proud to publish such an important game", said the CEO of HandyGames Markus Kassulke.

Through the Darkest of Times has actually been developed by Paintbucket Games, also a German studio. The company claims that working with HandyGames made it possible to include even more content into the game. "And we have a partner who will make sure, the game reaches many players all over the world", they added.

HandyGames Map screen from the game Through the Darkest of Times Through the Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times will launch for PC and Mac in 2019. You can find the official announcement here or check out more screenshots in our gallery below.

Through the Darkest of Times by Paintbucket Games and HandyGames

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