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Some fresh maps on the horizon for Overwatch

Published: 20:15, 24 April 2017

Overwatch's game director, Jeff Kaplan stated that there are six new maps under development. An exact release date is still unknown.

Jeff Kaplan recently told a user on a forum thread that they are working on some new maps for Overwatch. User under the nickname lalato expressed his or her concern about the lack of new maps in the game: 

"Overwatch's anniversary is almost here... just a month away now. And it concerns me that they only released 2 maps in one year span. 

I remember Jeff saying they were working on a few maps last year (around Nov or December) but so far we've only seen 1 new map this year. With anniversary just around the corner and about half of this year already passed... are we just going to get 1 new map? or if any at all?... this is really disappointing to be honest."

Blizzard Overwatch - Oasis Overwatch - Oasis

A valid question as the last map to be added to the game was . That was in January, and it's almost May now. A new map could be in order especially with the game's anniversary coming very soon. 

Jeff Kaplan, the game director, quickly responded to the question saying that they have six maps planned, three of them are standard, and to be released "sometime this year". This year in terms of "the game's first year" or this year in a more "calendar" sort of way? We'll see.

Mr Kaplan said: "We currently have 3 maps in development, all past the initial playtesting phase that are "standard" maps (QP/Comp). While something could always change, all 3 of those are looking likely for a release this year. We also have 3 non-standard maps in development (these won't go in QP/Comp)."

Blizzard Oasis map for Overwatch Oasis map for Overwatch

Of course, I don't think that they'll release all three (or all six) before 24 May, but it's important to have options, right?

He continued: "We also have a few other experiments going on." Keep us guessing, Jeff, that's the way to do it.

Mr Kaplan also added: "Hopefully this will satisfy some of what you're looking for. We want to play on these maps as badly as you guys do. We'll work as fast as we can!"

It's more than enough, sir, more than enough.

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