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THQ Nordic acquire Goat Simulator and Wreckfest's developers

Published: 13:58, 14 November 2018
Coffee Stain Studios
A goat standing in a desert in Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator - Waste of Space DLC

It seems that THQ Nordic ain't stopin' the shoppin' as their latest acquisition involves Coffee Stain Studios and Bugbear Entertainment, developers of Goat Simulator and Wreckfest, respectively, which are as of now THQ Nordic's property.

According to the deal, THQ Nordic has bought up 90 per cent of Bugbear Entertainment's shares, with an option to buy the rest later. The announcement doesn't specify the exact amount and instead only says that it's in line with the "management's estimated royalty payments to Bugbear during the upcoming three years".

Bugbear Entertainment are an 18-strong Finnish studio that older fans may remember from FlatOut, a destruction-friendly racing gem and Ridge Racer Unbounded, a game made under Bandai Namco's banner that wasn't as successful.

The acquisition basically continues their cooperation with THQ Nordic, who published their latest game, Wreckfest. Anton Westbergh, Bugbear's CEO, said that THQ Nordic is an ideal destination, since they have "the skills, willingness and capital to support [their] new releases and growth in the future." THQ's statement says, "Janne Alanenpää is a legend within action racing games, and the Bugbear team will bring important development capabilities earned from creating outstanding games during almost two decades."

THQ Nordic's second acquisition, Coffee Stain Studios, saw the company shelling out $34.8 million for the studio along with a portion of its intellectual property. This includes Goat Simulator, Sanctum, Satisfactory and publishing rights for their co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic.

Note that Coffee Stain will remain an independent group within THQ Nordic, retaining the CEO and presumably the staff. Moreover, the acquisition may prove to be even more lucrative for Coffee Stain, since several provisions are in place to reward reaching certain financial milestones. As things stand, THQ Nordic expects net sales between $21.9 and $27.4 million.

AltChar Beer mug is standing next to a ball with THQ Nordic written above them. THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic have been quite busy on the acquisition front as of late, with their latest move being snapping up Alone in the Dark and Act of War , following another acquisition of the German mobile, VR and wearable tech specialist .

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