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The ultimate starter guide for New World

Published: 00:59, 20 July 2021
Amazon Games Studio
New World is facing a problem that stems from its foundations

MMO New World beta is coming up on July 20, and with it, preparations have to be made. With this guide, players aspiring for the top will find all they need, and more, brought to us by the well-known New World info expert The_Crowned_King.

First things first, you will be eating and drinking a lot of food. Stock up!

Whether you decide to go the PvP route or the PvE route, you will be constantly eating. Like many other MMO games, depending on your armor light/medium/heavy, you will get damaged more/less and will need to accommodate for the lack of damage reduction.

Food initially gives your hp a boost and then will continue to heal you over time(in/out of combat).

Similar to food, potions will give you an initial boost in hp or mana but will not continue to increase your stats. Some potions, for instance, like potions meant to increase the Carry Weight of your inventory or enhance your defense do have a lingering effect.

Weapons and armor come in four different tiers:





The higher the tier, the larger the different bonuses will be on any specific piece of weapon/armor. One thing to look out for with gear is the gem slot.

"Occasionally, items can drop with an empty Gem Slot. Anyone can socket a gem into an item, but the gemstone must first be cut by a skilled Jewel Crafter. Socketed gemstones cannot be removed, but in the majority of cases, they can be replaced. Gemstones enhance one or more of the Character’s core attributes."

In this same category, there are Named and Legendary Items.

These items may come with pre-socketed gems and can be acquired at any level. Most notably, they are acquired through the most dangerous & challenging PvE monsters in-game.

Amazon New World screenshot showing several characters New World factions are the core of the game

Before you choose your faction, think carefully! Your faction can only be changed every 180 days(real-time). If you have friends you are preparing to play with make sure you both choose the same faction so you are not battling them during the territory wars.

The goal of a faction is to control as much of Aeternum as possible. This will give you, and your faction the most territorial bonuses such as but not limited to:

Your attacks against creatures becoming more effective,

You will find higher quantities of resources when gathering,

Crafting equipment at higher base qualities,

Becoming luckier while looting.

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