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Obsidian Entertainment are teasing The Outer Worlds announcement

Published: 13:30, 05 February 2019
Obisidian Entertainment
Picture of a pilot cabin of a spaceship in The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment's director of communications has posted a tweet hinting at a reveal for a bit of new information regarding The Outer Worlds. It comes in a precarious time, just after a massively successful launch and a controversy.

Mikey Dowling, the director of communications in question, that pretty much teases fans about an upcoming announcement for The Outer Worlds, which is supposedly going to happen on 06 February 2019. Its timing is a bit off, due to Apex Legends grabbing all the hype at the moment, but then again, the game did pop up out of the blue so it's hard to imagine Obsidian could plan accordingly.

Some fans are indeed hopeful about the new announcement, but the other part of the bad timing is the general distaste for Epic Games' dabbling in timed exclusives for its store. This resulted in a regarding a possible exclusivity deal, none of which were answered, which sent a shiver down the fans' spines.

This is all concerned fan speculation at the moment, but the PC community is still riled up due to Epic's poaching of Metro Exodus from Steam as well as The Division 2, to a degree.

The outrage is not there simply because people don't want to install a new launcher on their PC, it is happening because if Epic Games get their way with store exclusives, everyone will start doing them, which will lead to a string of anti-consumer practices that the PC players will have to suffer.

In the case of The Outer Worlds, it is a singleplayer game and it has no reason to be always online. This would be possible on Steam and GOG, but Epic Store enforces the always-online type of DRM. On top of that, user reviews will only be possible if the developer or publisher agree to it.

Obsidian Picture taken from the trailer of Obsidian's new game The Outer Worlds

Still, this is all speculation, but the announcement on 06 February 2019 should clear things up and we will know the facts. Oh and here is a third reason why the timing is bad for the announcement - The Division 2 beta is kicking off soon, which could result in potential players overlooking The Outer Worlds announcement.


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