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The Next Dragon Age trailer debuts at The Game Awards

Published: 02:23, 11 December 2020
Sunset in The Next Dragon Age
Bioware, The Next Dragon Age

As promised by Bioware in the runup to tonight's The Game Awards ceremony, players were treated to a short but sweet teaser trailer for The Next Dragon Age.

"The world of Dragon Age needs a new hero – someone who can take on the evil forces threatening Thedas. Get a first look at some of the new locations you’ll discover and the factions fighting by your side in the next chapter of Dragon Age", the description reads. 

Unfortunately, Bioware didn't exactly shower us with details, although the trailer throws bits and pieces of the previous instalments into the fray. 

So, The Next Dragon Age will definitely feature demons, dragons, darkpawn, dread wolves and Dragon Age: Inquisition's elven mage Solas. 

According to the website, Thedas, a vibrant world of rugged wilderness, dangerous labyrinths and glittering cities, teeters on the edge of a knife, which is where players presumably come in. 

"Thedas needs a new hero; one they'll never see coming. Forge a courageous fellowship to challenge the gathering storm. Friendship, drama, and romance abound as you bring striking individuals together into an extraordinary team. Become the hero and light the beacon of hope in their darkest moments", it says.

Bioware posted a few screenshots of The Next Dragon Age on the website, teasing some of the new locations coming in the next instalment of the renowned franchise. 

EA Bioware, The Next Dragon Age Bioware, The Next Dragon Age, Solas

While we're as excited as the next guy to dive into The Next Dragon Age, it seems like it will be quite a while before we see actual in-game footage or gameplay. We certainly hope that the studio won't stage a repeat of Anthem, even if it means waiting much longer for the launch. 

The Next Dragon Age by Bioware and EA

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Bioware, The Next Dragon Age location

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