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EA and BioWare pull the plug on Anthem, and many feel betrayed...again

Published: 11:34, 25 February 2021
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BioWare's last Anthem 2.0 supervisor Christian Dailey has taken to the game's forums to explain what EA's decision means for players. That said, many are furious, and probably rightfully so.

To make the irony worse, Dailey was the one who stopped what seemed to be a recurrent concept phase for Anthem 2.0 and came really close to making it a reality. We were actually looking forward to the Javelin-shooter's unlikely comeback, because who doesn't like a good underdog story? 

So much about that, though, and Dailey's post on Anthem's forums hasn't been going down well at all, at least with some parts of the community. 

"Since Anthem’s launch, the team has been working hard to continually improve the game, releasing multiple updates that brought with them a variety of improvements and introduced new content to play. Towards the end of 2019 we expanded on that effort and started working on a more fundamental restructure of the game", he wrote. 

Now, we appreciate Dailey's professionalism as much as the next guy, but what he's trying to dance around is that he's likely done more for Anthem in his blog posts than the dev team since launch. There was never a doubt that Anthem had bags of potential. Unlocking it, however, was another matter. 

One user summed it up by saying, "I bought Legion of Dawn edition and only my good manners are holding me back from writing what I really think about this situation and place where you leave your community (but hey! It's only money that matters at the end of the day, right?)"

Cosmetics in Anthem's Season of Skulls Cosmetics in Anthem's Season of Skulls Anthem, Season of Skulls

Perhaps even more concerning is BioWare's recent tendencies to quit and walk away from a project instead of making it work. There are plenty of examples of games that had worse launches and still managed to pull through with far smaller teams, ultimately reaching godlike status in their communities. And BioWare? Well, it's time for the next dream, we suppose.

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