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The Last of Us Remastered gets reduced loading times with patch 1.11

Published: 08:34, 26 October 2020
Screenshot from TLOU Remastered showing two characters in a post-apocalyptic world
The Last of Us Remastered is updated ahead of PS5 console launch

We seem to have gotten the PS5 before the console itself because the loading times are so reduced that we are considering canceling our PS5 pre-order. (joking)

The six-year-old PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us Remastered, has just received a patch that drastically reduces its loading times by up to 70% compared to the old version, whether the game is installed on the hard drive or on a solid-state drive. 

Is this a coincidence or is Sony preparing a PS5 patch for its exclusives? Maybe they tried new compression methods somewhere along the way and did the job so well that they just had to “brag” about their achievement. 

It isn't that odd that TLOU Remastered got patched, as it's one of the games from the PlayStation Plus Collection lineup coming to PS5.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the games that handle loading in such a good way that it’s amazing for seven year old consoles, and it’s an open-world game. Some will say that good people from Sucker Punch shared their secret potion with Naughty Dog who are probably preparing a PS5 patch for TLOU Part II, and the same method was tested on TLOU Remastered, so we ended up with shorter Loading screens as a result.

The PlayStation 5 uses compression algorithms called Kraken and Oodle Textures to reduce loading times and some games will have instant loading thanks to it. Due to the absence of a compression unit that handles this in the PS5, it is assumed that PS4's CPU is in charge for the decompression, and with the new method we got a shorter wait for the level to load. But it's possible that it's just a couple of lines of code that do a great job.

Sony Picture is showing a custom I/O unit from the PlayStation 5 system PS5's custom I/O unit

The Last of Us Remastered isn’t the only game to get an update lately. Two more Sony's 1st party titles have been patched: God of War and Spider-Man. It is certain that Sony is working on its games to provide the best possible experience on the PS5, which comes to us on November 12 (US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea) and November 19 (the rest of the world), during which time leading system architect for PS4 and PS5 Mark Cerny is earning Platinum trophies .

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