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The Last of Us 2 dev blocks Twitter comments to prevent spoilers

Published: 12:36, 22 May 2020
Naughty Dog
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Naughty Dog's latest move has caused a bit of controversy as the dev used Twitter's new feature in an attempt to limit spoilers by blocking certain replies to their tweets.

It doesn't take much to see how this could've been mistaken for flat-out censorship by many fans and passersby alike. 

Twitter explained the changes in a recent post , where they wrote, "You’ll be able to choose who can reply with three options: everyone (standard Twitter, and the default setting), only people you follow, or only people you mention. Tweets with the latter two settings will be labeled and the reply icon will be grayed out so that it’s clear for people if they can’t reply." 

Users can still view, like and even retweet the tweets they weren't invited to, but taking part in the conversation is off the table. 

The Last of Us 2 developer did exactly that in yesterday's tweet, and the standard mouse-wheel roll to check for comments results in one sad sight. Since no users were tagged directly, no users were allowed to comment. 

We won't be spoiling anything here, mind you, but if you're a fan of the original, you know that a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee leaked just about everything on The Last of Us 2 - plot points, cutscenes, the whole shebang. 

This left many fans who were eagerly waiting for the game in a situation where they either found out the game's best parts, or they eventually will, as these things spread like wildfire through social networks and comments. 

Sony The Last of Us Part II screenshot showing Ellie against a foe The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog opted for Twitter's new feature to put a stop to this, but it hasn't really gone down well with everyone. It's well worth saying that a certain section of fans is loving it, as they get to play the game without knowing everything about it, but not everyone is delighted with the blank tweets for The Last of Us 2.

The Last Of Us Part 2

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The Last Of Us Part 2

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