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The Hong Kong Massacre officially announced for Switch

Published: 18:25, 14 December 2020
The Hong Kong Massacre key art with logo
The Hong Kong Massacre

Developed by Vreski and released in early 2019 for PC and PS4, The Hong Kong Massacre has now officially been announced for Switch. Signing up for the publisher's newsletter will yield a download link for a free soundtrack.

Vreski and Untold Tales just announced that The Hong Kong Massacre will be available on Nintendo Switch on December 26. 2020. 

The Hong Kong Massacre is a stylistic top-down shooter that plays out like classic John Woo action movie gunfights. The game is set in the seedy underbelly of 1990’s Hong Kong - a perfect stage for you to go on a vigilante, bullet-fuelled revenge mission against the criminal Triads.

Each run-in with the villains will incorporate slow-motion time manipulation, bullet-dodging knee slides or body rolls, and 360-degree shooting. Crashing through windows, vaulting over obstacles and switching between multiple weapons is both expected and highly encouraged.

Main Features

A flow of violence: Create and unleash zen-like, perfectly choreographed killing sprees. Use your dodge rolls, slow-motion abilities and 360-degree shooting skills altogether to create stylish and artistic killing sprees.

Every bullet counts - so count every bullet: One shot is all it takes to kill you and your enemies, so go in with a plan. 

The perfect run: Players will get rewards for completing levels with added twists and challenges. Go at one level multiple times using quick restarts as success earns you additional perks on weapons.

The soundtrack - The Hong Kong Massacre's soundtrack by Portland-based Professor Kliq will be by your side through your adventure. Go here if you fancy a listen .

The Hong Kong Massacre will regularly cost 19.99 USD / EUR on the Nintendo eShop . You can now pre-order the game to get 20 per cent off.

As a bonus, Untold Tales and Professor Kliq have teamed up to give the official game soundtrack away as a free download. Sign up to the Untold Tales newsletter and get a direct download link.

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