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Firewatch inspired thriller The Fidelio Incident now available on Steam

Published: 10:46, 24 May 2017
Act 3 Games
The Fidelio Incident

God of War 3 Art Director founded a new independent video game studio, Act 3 Games, back in 2014. Their first project is a narrative thriller - The Fidelio Incident, now available on Steam.

Act 3 Games is a new independent video game studio in Los Angeles, CA. The studio was founded back in 2014 by God of War 3 Art Director Ken Feldman. The Fidelio Incident is Act 3's first project and it has been in development ever since the studio was founded. Many ex-members of the God of War franchise were creatively involved in the development process.

Act 3 Games' mission is to "create high-quality, provocative story-driven games based upon real events in our history." And, for The Fidelio Incident, studio drew inspiration from games such as Dear Esther, Gone Home, and Firewatch. The game's name stems from Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio. 

Act 3 Games The Fidelio Incident The Fidelio Incident

Ken Feldman, Creative Director, Act 3 Games explained: "We used the opera's premise as inspiration for the backstory, and then re-imagined it for a modern setting."

The Fidelio Incident is set off the coast of Iceland. The game follows the events put into motion by a plane crash and sees the main protagonist, Stanley searching for his wife Leonore. Stanley looks for his wife while covering up any traces of their identity. 

"They can't find out who we are!"

Act 3 Games The Fidelio Incident The Fidelio Incident

Michael Krikorian composed the score that features over 40 minutes of original music, and incorporates themes from Fidelio's overture.

If it seems like you're only now hearing about this narrative thriller, that is not due to negligence on your part or your general lack of interest. It was all very deliberate: "We've been working on The Fidelio Incident for 3 years, and we wanted to release it out of nowhere to capture the emotional feeling when you’ve just seen a Netflix show or played something you immediately have to talk about. The Fidelio Incident is a provocative thriller that will hook you from the start." Mr Feldman said in the press release.

Act 3 Games The Fidelio Incident The Fidelio Incident

The Fidelio Incident is available via , and there's a special promotion discount until 30 May. The discount puts the game at £7.25.

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