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TFT Reckoning Championship will not be a LAN event after all

Published: 02:07, 22 August 2021
Riot Games
At least there won't be any cringe worthy entertainment performances
At least there won't be any cringe worthy entertainment performances

Developers of Teamfight Tactics intended to follow the success of League of Legends' tournaments in the way they are organized, but, unfortunately, the pandemic strikes again.

Earlier this year, Riot shared that the next global event for Teamfight Tactics, the TFT Reckoning Championship, would be a live event with qualified players competing in a LAN setting. At the time they announced these plans, the impacts of the global pandemic were seemingly receding and travel was opening up across the globe.

However, with the resurgence of the Delta variant in many parts of the world, it has become much more challenging to bring players into a single physical setting. As a result, Riot will be pivoting the tournament to online competition, similar to how both the Fates and Galaxies Championships took place.

Riot still have strong aspirations to bring TFT competitions to a LAN setting; however, under the current circumstances, it would be incredibly challenging for many competitors to attend the event.

The TFT Reckoning Championship will take place in October with top competitors from Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas fighting for the title of World Champion.

Riot Games Teamfight Tactics - Sad penguin Unfortunately, no hologram for you this year

It is quite unfortunate to hear this piece of news, as LAN tournaments have a certain gravitas, after all, that online tournaments simply lack. Perhaps it is the feeling of professionalism or something else but is certainly the best decision possible to make in this situation, health-wise.

After all, we don't want e-sport tournaments to be associated with an outbreak of disease, now do we?

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