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Temtem, the Pokemon-like collection game, to kick of as PS5 console exclusive

Published: 00:19, 30 October 2020
Temtem in action
Temtem in action

Crema announced that their Pokemon-inspired game, Temtem, will first arrive on PlayStation 5 and the release is actually just around the corner.

Temtem's console debut will happen on December 8, 2020, and it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. This is a bit odd when it comes to releases since PS5 itself will be released on December 12 and only a handful of individuals outside of Sony have it currently. Then again, those are mostly influencers and press so this could be a way of marketing the game.

That said, Temtem will launch in its early access form, just like it is on PC where it has been in early access since the start of 2020. It will remain that way well into 2021 according to the announcement, after which it will fully release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Xbox Series X/S. 

PC players have already had the opportunity to see the new islands and features that were added during the course of the early access and a similar approach is likely for the PS5.

PS5 players can expect to enjoy four islands during early access and the main campaign will apparently be around 30 hours where the players will have the opportunity to capture over 100 Tems. When the full release comes, the game will have six islands.

The price of Temtem will increase with each island release , eventually ending up on €44.99 for standard and €64.99 at full release. 

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