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Teamfight Tactics to remove Shadow items

Published: 18:23, 02 July 2021
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics - Sad penguin
Teamfight Tactics - Sad penguin

Teamfight Tactics' current set features a controversial mechanic called the Shadow items that can make or break your match and it's getting booted soon.

Shadow items in Teamfight Tactics are pretty powerful but can also have seriously unwanted consequences, leading to a situation where players needed to know recipes better than ever before since the game's launch. An overpowered Rageblade on Vayne can be fun but taking true damage on each shot certainly isn't and that is probably why Riot Games are going to replace Shadow items with Radiant ones, which are just overpowered, without drawbacks.

With the mid-set changes that are coming our way, we will be visiting the Radiant armoury on the round 3-6, where we will be able to pick up one item from the selection of five. Their considerable power will probably be game-breaking in some situations and Riot decided to limit this occurrence to just one item per game, per player.

To give us a sense of these items' power, Riot Games provided three examples of what awaits in the Radiant armoury . Radiant Rabadon's Deathcap will provide 100 Ability Power, Radiant Quicksilver will provide 30 per cent attack speed increase and 30 seconds of CC immunity while Radiant' Banshee's Claw will allow the entire team to block one enemy ability and gain 200 HP.

Overall, the set shakeup that we will definitely need as meta has been well-established by now and refreshers are always welcome in TFT .

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