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Teamfight Tactics gets Reckoning set release date and new game modes

Published: 13:23, 15 March 2021
League of legends champion Darius, God-king skin splash
God-King Darius

Riot Games revealed information about the upcoming TFT set, named Reckoning, as well as their plans to add new game modes to the existing autochess formula.

Teamfight Tactics will be getting the next champion set, Reckoning, on April 28, 2021, when League of Legends patch 11.9 kicks in. Besides the new set, there are TFT Labs to look forward to.

TFT Labs will feature alterations to the game where sometimes we might get more chances to roll since interest will not be present so saving up money may not be the optimal strategy. There are more game modes Riot are looking to test but more will be revealed in the future. They will apparently have their own ranked ladders as well.

As for the Reckoning sets, Riot Mort revealed a few more details. The theme of the set will be the fight between good and evil, with the shown champion splash arts testing Riven and Yasuo while a few other champions were directly confirmed.

Draven will be making a return while Teemo will become the first five-gold champion that doesn't cost money. The Little Devil will instead cost you HP so be prepared to sell a bit of your soul with every Teemo card you pull.

Meanwhile, God King line of skins will be featured for Darius and Garen and these two will not work well together so it's ideal to keep just one on the team. They will, however, gain bonuses when fighting one another apparently.

Draconic origin will be added and instead of providing direct bonuses to champions, it will cause eggs to spawn on your bench after each bout. The eggs will eventually hatch and sometimes spawn a Draconic champion and sometimes "something else".

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