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Teamfight Tactics bringing a quicker, more casual mode in 2021

Published: 17:27, 08 January 2021
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games' rolled out the latest developer video for Teamfight Tactics, revealing the changes coming to their auto battler in 2021, including the game's first "turbo" mode.

According to Teamfight Tactics lead Thomas Bourus, this is the sort of mode that you can play when you're short on time or for whatever reason unable to fully commit to regular matches. "It's still TFT, but a bit simpler and much faster", he said.

We're not sure whether you want to heed his advice in regards to playing Teamfight Tactics' new mode during meetings though. Well, unless you develop games for a living, in which case it's work, right?

Riot Games are apparently quite excited over the upcoming Teamfight Tactics addition but we'll have to do some more waiting before we get the launch date. Bourus said they'll have more info "later in the year", which we hope is "later" in relation to now, rather than towards the end of 2021. 

Of course, 2021 will bring much more content to Teamfight Tactics, including two new sets and levelling up of the competitive experience. 

The game's next patch will bring the first of the two, which is Fates Mid-Set. This is Riot's second take on a Mid-Set, and they'll be swapping out even more champions and traits. 

"Specifically, we made changes to the primary carries in the first half of the set to ensure you'll have all new team comps to discover and master, he said. Additionally, Teamfight Tactics players see a few familiar favourites coming back, juiced up with Mythic tier abilities. 

There's also the new Rank Stage and two new arenas - Club 2 and Lunar City, which are coming to Teamfight Tactics with the update 11.2. 

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