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Sega launch Team Sonic Racing reveal trailer, arriving in 2018

Published: 23:26, 30 May 2018
Sonic Team Racing poster showing several Sega characters in cars
Team Sonic Racing

Sega have finally decided to show more of their upcoming game Team Sonic Racing, albeit several hours after Walmart. Nevertheless, there's a short trailer and the announcement of the new Sonic for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

It appears like Walmart are proving to be a steady source of information for video game lovers, with the latest example being and consequently the . Responding to a comment, even Sega said "no harm" though, so back to Team Sonic Racing.

Team Sonic Racing will come with an online multiplayer as well as local co-op modes, including four player split screen. Yes, co-op, as Sega made sure to add moves to help teammates, hurt opponents and perform the team's ultimate moves. As for the modes, there are Grand Prix, Exhibition, Time Trial and Team Adventure.

Sega says Team Sonic Racing will marry arcade and "fast-paced competitive style racing" and there will be three available vehicle types, each focusing on a specific brand of driving - speed, technique and power. Players have a bunch of vehicle customization options, both in performance and cosmetics department, all of which will of course be unlocked as you progress through the game.

The game has 15 playable characters, which Sega says are from the Sonic Universe. Unfortunately, even speculating about anyone other than Sonic himself is pretty pointless for two reasons. Firstly, Sonic Universe has more characters than Marvel and secondly, they often tend to take the creative route when designing Sonic's racing henchmen.

Unfortunately, that's as far as Sega's official description goes and as you can see, not even the trailer shows much more than we've already seen, back when they were revealing Sonic Mania. At the time, all we've seen was a headlight and we really hope that's not an indicator of Sega's intended tempo for development.

Sega Screenshot from Team Sonic Racing showing Sonic in a vehicle Team Sonic Racing

Funnily enough, one YouTube user confronted the company, asking whether that's all. Sega responded too, saying that he can find out more on the game's but that there'll be plenty more soon. 

Sega Logo for Sega's racing game Team Sonic Racing Team Sonic Racing

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