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Subnautica is coming to PlayStation 4, port by Panic Button Games

Published: 18:53, 11 July 2018
Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Banner picture for Subnautica showing a submarine in a vast blue ocean

Unknown Worlds Entertainment have announced that their critically acclaimed survival adventure game Subnautica is coming to PlayStation 4. As for release date, there is just a vague "Holiday 2018" description on the announcement trailer.

That release window probably refers to the holiday season, so a not-so-wild guess would be that it will release between 25 December 2018 and 05 January 2019. According to the official post by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, PlayStation 4 version may not have been originally planned, as they state that they started developing the port due to a large number of fans requesting it on Steam, forums and social media.

It seems like Unknown Worlds Entertainment are aiming for the best port possible, since it will be partially handled by Panic Button Games, who are pretty much the leading studio when it comes to porting AAA games to consoles. Some of the development will be done under Unknown Worlds' roof though, as they clearly stated Panic Button will help them bring Subnautica to PS4 while simultaneously helping with accelerating development on Subnautica for Xbox One.

Pre-orders are not available yet though, but they should be coming soon as Unknown Worlds announced more info will be coming on their official and accounts. This could prove to be a fairly sweet present during the holiday season, as pretty much everyone liked the game. 

It currently has 93 per cent positive reviews out of ~68.000 total reviews on Steam and it's one of the few games praised by both critics and players. This includes us, since we absolutely loved its unique less-is-more kind of storytelling. There is more to it, which you can read in our .

Unknown Worlds Entertainment Some weird alien fish are swimming in a beautiful lake in Subnautica Subnautica

Interestingly enough, the game has ridiculously low system requirements on PC, even though it is probably one of the prettiest releases of 2018 so far. Considering this, it might even be realistic it will run at 60 FPS on higher resolutions once it gets released on PlayStation 4.

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