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SteamSpy is not dead but it take time to adjust to the new model

Published: 21:43, 27 April 2018
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Valve's tweaking of Steam's privacy policy to supposedly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation has once come into question after SteamSpy founder Sergey Galyonkin accused them of having different motives than data protection.

Much has been said on the subject of Valve locking out SteamSpy out of business by tweaking Steam's privacy policy. In fact, Galyonkin himself said his service is but now it seems it's far from it.

Interestingly, Galyonkin claims these Steam changes have nothing to do with Valve's compliance with GDPR, seeing as how Steam still "exposes your real name, achievements, groups screenshots and friends by default".

The changes that rendered Steam store's API useless have even less to do with GDPR, he said. To be fair, Valve haven't even updated their EULA so there definitely seems to be more to this.

Galyonkin said he pitched Valve the idea to use the old algorithm without collecting personal information but other than getting confirmation that the proposal has arrived, he has had zero feedback. He did say however that this is still the most he's heard from Valve ever.

All these dubious changes came at the time when Galyonkin, who's also director of publishing strategy at this little company called Epic Games, was busy elsewhere and couldn't really work on SteamSpy. Now however, he announced big changes. 

Unfortunately, lack of data means maintaining SteamSpy will seriously test Galyonkin's expertise in number crunching. Although initial signs are good, higher error rates until he tweaks SteamSpy for the new model.

The decreased accuracy will also cause SteamSpy to become "semi-closed to the general audience", at least until the service reaches the level of accuracy Galyonkin is comfortable with. This means that his Patreon backers will be able to use SteamSpy's services just as before, whereas the rest of the public will have to wait a bit more. 

Interestingly, Galyonkin seems to be blaming the press for declaring SteamSpy dead, even though it was him who all but said it in his tweet. Nevertheless, we won't hold it against him as long as he brings SteamSpy back.

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