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Epic Games Store will not support forums or have trading cards

Published: 01:53, 12 April 2019
Epic Games
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Epic Games

Tim Sweeney has confirmed that Epic Games will not develop in-store forums for third-party titles and there will be no trading card metagame. On the other hand, most of the other services Steam provides are on Epic Games Store's roadmap.

Tim Sweeney's Twitter is slightly more busy than an ant hive as Epic's CEO keeps answering the showers of questions laid upon him by fans, those who oppose Epic Games Store or just curious gamers. Two questions and their answers, in particular, were interesting lately.

The first one is regarding the gifting, coupons and trading cards on Epic Games Store. Sweeney plainly stated the company a metagame such as the trading cards that are present on Steam, which could provide users with some minor discounts in the future.

Forums are the more pressing issue though and the second of the two aforementioned questions. According to Sweeney's reply on that part, there also no plans on adding support for third-party title forums but the company will "encourage developers to link to their independent forums", although it is currently unclear how.

While the loss of trading cards wouldn't be too much of an issue for many users, having no forums is kind of a big deal. Technically, Sweeney is correct and Reddit contains the most popular forums for pretty much any game these days but indies on Steam tend to have most feedback and discussions on their own community hub.

Another reason why the lack of forums is a bit of a mess is that Epic already stated users won't be able to post reviews on the store and Sweeney directly stated his several times over, further supported by Epic's business model that includes incentives for timed exclusives.

Epic Games picture showing three characters Fortnite: Battle Royale

Therefore, players will not have any ability to voice their opinions on Epic Games Store - either through forums or reviews. 

While attempting to give other developers the conditions Epic always wished for is a noble goal, it will likely not sit well with customers as they are already used to amenities provided by Steam, GOG and other digital storefronts.

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