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Gearbox CEO: Steam may look like a dying store in ten years

Published: 08:52, 19 April 2019
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Responding to players' concerns over Borderlands 3 being a timed Epic Games Store exclusive, Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford wrote a lengthy essay, insisting that Epic's efforts may make Steam look like a dying store in 5 to 10 years.

First and foremost though, Gearbox didn't make the decision to switch to the Epic Games Store - 2K did, a piece of info that seems to be lost on many dissenters.

That said, Pitchford reminded that "Borderlands 3 does not exist *today* but rather it will exist in September", and he expects the store to be firing on all cylinders by that time.

"Borderlands 3 will be the biggest, by far, new game to arrive on the Epic store since they launched and Epic can be sure to invest huge amounts of resources specifically for the features most important for Borderlands 3", he said.

Pitchford insists that the store landscape will be much different in the future thanks to Steam's new competitor, who has already started making waves with their much more dev-friendly , as opposed to Steam's 30 per cent.

"From a track record point of view, my expectation is that Epic’s investment in technology will outpace Valve's substantially. When we look back at Steam in five or ten years, it may look like a dying store and other, competitive stores, will be the place to be", he added.

Pitchford insists that a business analysis of Valve and Epic would make everyone side with the latter, as Valve's profits are used to "to enrich the handful of people who own and manage the company", while Epic are reinvesting into the industry and basically using Fortnite money to increase the company's value.

Twitter Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's tweet on Borderlands 3's switch Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford

He also said that EA and Activision sure weren't going to be the first ones to instigate this change, what with them sporting stores of their own, and that he's still surprised 2K's decision is getting so much flak.

"Meanwhile, Epic is the forcing function that is going to make this all happen. It's really incredible, but they are the only guys who can really come along to disrupt Steam's monopoly and help all this get fixed. They will bring balance to the force", he said.

You can check out his full, and quite lengthy Twitter response .

Borderlands 3 is an Action RPG by Gearbox Software

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